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  • USA defeats Japan 5-2 Women's World Cup Final
    Prior to the match between the women’s football superpowers, USA Coach Jill Ellis remarked that Japan’s set pieces, options around the ball and penetration were the [...]

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  • USA defeats Japan 5-2 Women's World Cup Final
  • FFA Cup 2015
  • asset_YxiIQAE6qpAAbfffaeS4
  • Captain David Barber leads out the Pararoos
  • Elite levels of the youth game come at a premium cost
  • City membership 1516 launch
  • Victory winners
  • _DSC6144
  • City membership 1516 launch
  • _DSC8017
  • ffa cup winners
  • Simon’s goal was her third of the tournament
  • Pararoos pave the way for future Paralympic footballers
  • Redmayne
  • _DSC6860
  • Bonita
  • _DSC7108
  • Archie Thompson
  • ffa-cup-logo_1lshd6svzx4o71h1mj7vaj7uf2
  • FNSW 2015 Launch VSP
  • Grumpy Arnold
  • Victory winners

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