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FCvMVWelcome to our live blog of the Big Blue.

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The teams are:

Sydney XI: Janjetovic, Ryall, Grant, Fabio, Tiago, Emerton, Culina, Mcflynn, Abbas, Del Piero, J.Griffiths 

Victory XI: Traore, Milligan, Broxham, Flores, Thompson, Rojas, Ferreira, Celeski, Leijer, Ansell, Coe


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And thats full time! Victory win 3-1.

Crowd breaks the record. 26,882

Min 90+1: Fabio is OFF. RED CARD! Sydney down to 9.

Min 90: Del Piero into the books and he is pissing himself laughing!

Min 86: Del Piero free kick. what can he do? Good free kick! Grantt on target, keeper pushes it out for a corner.

Min 85: Del Pieros run made nothing.

Min 83: Griffiths offside

Min 81: 3v1 and Fabio wins it! How?

Min 79: Sydney have lifted. They want to do it. But can they? big ask. 3 goals is what they need.

Min 76: Victory makes a double substitution.

Min 75: Griffiths Scores! Now 3-1. Time for the greatest comeback of the A-League?

Min 72: Its over. Rojas shot takes a deflection into the goal. Again.

Min 70: Victory get a corner.

Min 67: GOAL!!! Thompson scores and makes it 2-0!

Min 64: Thompson caught offside.

Min 62: Victory gets a yellow. This time Celeski. This is a fierce battle.

Min 60: Sydney down to 10! Tiago gets a red! If Sydney can comeback now, it will be the best of the season!

Min 57: Fabio picks up a yellow.

Min 56: Victory corner after what should of been a foul on Rojas.

Min 54: Sydney have started this half better than they left the first. Can they equalise?

Min 51: Sydney pick up a yellow now! Foul on Rojas

Min 50: Victory pick up another yellow. This time for a foul on Griffiths.

Min 47: Milligan gets a yellow for taking down Del Piero late. Del Piero’s free kick went to no one…

2nd half is underway!

Victory have never lost a Big Blue when they have scored first. Will that change?

And thats Half Time! Victory lead 1-0 after a Rojas goal. What are your thoughts on the first half?

Min 45: 2 mins of extra time.

Min 41: Victory get another corner. If Sydney can hang on, they still have a chance. Flores shoots wide.

Min 39: The players have done something wrong on almost every corner. This ref is tough.

Min 38: First yellow of the game. Calvano of Sydney picks one up for a soft challenge.

Min 33: No they can’t. Still a close enough game, however victory have more momentum. And it’s another corner for Sydney

Min 32: Sydney get a corner. Can they score?

Min 31: Victory caught offside.

Min 30: Powell has a shot and its saved.

Min 28: Flores goes down and earns a free kick near the corner of the box.

Min 25: Great save there. Victory’s corner now.

Min 22: Powell is on for Emerton.

Min 22: Rojas scores after a deflection! Victory 1-0

Min 21: Brett Emerton is being treated for an injury. Looks like a hamstring.

Min 20: Rojas shot wide. Plenty of fouls in the first 20 by both teams.

Min 18: Rojas is fouled

Min 15: Teams are still level. Both have had their chances. What are your thoughts on the game so far?

Min 13: Del Pieros shot easily saved.

Min 12: Del Piero gets a free kick on a metre from the box.

Min 11: Great challenge by Grantt. Victory’s shot goes over the crossbar.

Min 9: Victory are playing well, Syndey’s defence is holding up.

Min 6: Victory’s first corner.

Min 5: Melbourne are looking the better of the two teams.

Min 2: Sydney’s keeper has his first touch

Min 0: We Have Kick-Off

Not long now until kick-off.

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