#SuperSaturday doesn’t disappoint

With the two best games of the round once again played on a Saturday night, the A-League held a spectacle for all to see. Thousands flocked to watch both Sydney FC vs the Mariners and Brisbane Roar take on the Victory.

Mariners Sink Under Blue Skies at Allianz

In what was thought to be a win for second placed Central Coast Mariners, became a 2-0 loss to the Sky Blues. The Mariners started slowly and never really looked themselves in the dry weather and Sydney took advantage with their sixth straight home win.

Sydneybeatingmariners Ryall scored the opening goal after 25 minutes in front of 16,155 cheering fans. The Cove making a great atmosphere leading the chants.

After the goal, Sydney sat back and the Mariners looked to equalise, however they could never find the back of the net.

After half time the Sky Blues came out and started playing more like they were post goal. But that didn’t last long and they went back to sitting back and countering, soaking up the pressure until the 73rd minute when a beautiful counter by and delightful one-two between Chianese and Antonis saw Chianese hitting the back of the net.

The Mariners tried hard to get back into the game and at least pick up a consolation, but it wasn’t to be, with Sydney FC winning 2-0 after the final whistle.

Sydney FC: 2 (Ryall 25, Chianese 73)

Mariners: 0

Crowd: 16,155 at Allianz Stadium

Victory Still Not Victorious Against the Roar

In what many A-League fans were hoping was going to be a win for Melbourne Victory ended up a draw. An early goal for Melbourne gave fans hope, until a Franjic goal in the second half cancelled it out.

On a poor pitch, both teams tried to be technical, however many passes did not connect. Both teams thought hard throughout the whole game with both sides unlucky not to score more.

939188-roar-victoryLeigh Broxham became a flying salmon to head home the first goal after just ten minutes from a lovely cross by Archie Thompson.

Victory sat deep, trying not to be embarrassed by sitting to high, like they were against the Mariners. This allowed Brisbane to play the ball and try to create opportunities. Melbourne used the pace of Conner Pain and Rojas to go on the counter.

During the second half, the Brisbane Roar looked very dangerous, playing a very attacking game. In the 59th minute, Franjic scored the equaliser slotting the ball between Coe’s legs.

Chances then went begging for both sides. Brilliant saves were required by both keepers to keep the score at one a piece.

Traore got tackled from behind, and went down screaming like a little girl. No free kick was given, even so it looked like a clear yellow card tackle. The boot came off and we are now waiting to see if it is a fractured ankle or not.

In the dying stages of the game, both teams gave it their all with Brisbane looking the better. Neither team able to break through and score a winner.

Brisbane Roar: 1 (Franjic 59)

Melbourne Victory: 1 (Broxham 10)

Crowd: 12,624

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