It’s time journalists stop recycling content

It really is getting quite old, even to the extent of amusement. Personally, writing about it is a bore as well. Let’s face it, no matter what supporters do or say, the media will latch onto it in some way and find a means of presenting it in whatever manner it pleases them. See, for example, the recently-circulated snippet-video which showed a few people taking it too far when it came to pre-match banter. You know the video to which I refer. We were not told of the (verbal) provocation, nor the haste at which marshals discontinued the incident, but that’s not important if you’re 2GB.


Do not misunderstand my point either. I agree the individual who decided to throw something at another human was stupid at best, regardless of what the other person said to them. I am simply highlighting the incomplete nature of the presentation of the incident. Personally, I do not expect more from such media outlets. Anything for that advertiser dollar.


What is most frustrating is the blame game. Before I go on, I will say this: not all those who sit with a large supporter group, may it be Red and Black Bloc (RBB), Blue and White Brigade (BWB)/North Terrace (NT), the Cove, or others, are part of it. While these groups openly welcome all individuals, there is no distinct or finite relation between sitting in a section of a stadium and the group associated with that space. What qualifies an individual as part of the group? Their attitude and conduct. Yes, my statement can and probably will be taken out of context for whatever purposes a reader has, and I don’t doubt that “flare” will pop up as a response from many.


My point is that buzz words pay the media’s bills. Regardless of the inaccuracies, mentioning “RBB” in the press will get the public’s attention whether they are Western Sydney Wanderers fans, RBB members, others teams’ fans, or non-football folk. It’s all a recycling act; an easy way to fill up the six o’clock bulletin, and, according to Channel 9 and 10, it is more important to do a bit of finger pointing than addressing the issue of the deaths of two asylum seekers near Christmas Island. (Do note the irony in my use of ‘finger pointing’.)


“You need to self-police” they say to supporter groups. Well my journalist ‘friends’, you are quite delayed. Self-policing is a fundamental element of supporter groups. But let’s put it into perspective: while Australian police officers do their best to ensure a harmonious and crime-free country, a plethora of crimes still occur and are not prevented. This is not to say police do not work hard; I credit and applaud those who dedicate their lives to the wellbeing of the nation through an ethical approach. What I’m saying is the police is far outnumbered by the public, and despite its great work, simply cannot attend to every single incident the exact moment it occurs. Now replace the word “police” in this paragraph with “leaders of supporter groups.” Easy to take out of context, but eye-opening when in context. It is all about the buzz words, I tell you.


It has been said before: you cannot fight the media by giving it the attention it wants. Turn of the TV, don’t click the links. As I outlined in my previous article, “Media’s football spin is desperation” (found here:, certain media outlets will publish whatever they like no matter how incomplete or false, so long as there is a dollar at the end of the article/broadcast.