The Finals – a fairer system for all

Before the revamped finals series has even debuted I’m prepared, like many to criticize the new system.  The new format leads to rewarding teams who play their best football in April, no matter how poor their form earlier in the season.  Six teams could be one (or two) too many, but with no promotion or relegation system it’s important to keep all fans interested for the entirety of the season.

This could be a premature call to scrap the new finals system, but I believe my system rewards teams for their positions at the end of the season, not just making the post season.  This is not reinventing the wheel, it’s taking some different finals formats and using what is best for what we currently have for a 10 team competition where we insist on allowing six teams to join in the post season festivities.

Four weeks, six teams, seven matches is my finals system in a nutshell.

Week One

Wednesday Wildcard (GAME 1) – Fifth vs. Sixth

A midweek fixture to start the finals series will be largely criticized, but I think this match reflects the finishing positions on the table.  This is a 90 minute battle where 5th takes on 6th for the chance to continue their journey.  The higher placed team get the advantage of the home crowd, but that is about all.  The winner goes onto play 4th on Sunday evening.

Qualifying Final – (GAME 2) Second vs. Third

Prime time Saturday night is the setting for those teams that just couldn’t finish top.  Both teams receive the ‘double chance’ as a reward for their good season.  Over a 27 week season teams that finish in the top 30% of the table have earned their double chance, one of my main problems with the current system.

The Eliminator – (GAME 3) Fourth vs. Winner of GAME 1

Fourth not only get home ground advantage, but playing their opponents on a short turnaround.  Played on a Sunday afternoon/evening (hopefully before Sunday Shootout/B League) this match is a winner take all elimination final.  The winner will advance to the Minor semi-final.

Week Two

Major Semi final – (GAME FOUR) First v winner of GAME 2

Rejuvenated by the week off the top placed team take on the winner of the qualifying final.  Both teams still have the luxury of the double chance, but also the chance to advance straight to the grand final.  The loser will take on the winner of the minor semi-final in the preliminary final, the stand alone game in week three.

Minor Semi final – (GAME FIVE) Loser GAME 2 v Winner GAME 3

The winner advances, the loser bids farewell; it’s that simple.  If results go as expected this system will give the top five teams a home game in the finals series;  a great selling point for fans of all clubs.  The winner will take on the loser of the major semi final in a playoff for the Grand final.

Week Three

Preliminary Final – (GAME SIX) Loser GAME FOUR v winner GAME FIVE

The winner books a place in the final; the loser books the end of season trip in the only game for the week.  This is a slight imperfection in this system, but hopefully one that you can overlook.  The winner will take on the winner of the Major semi final who have the week off.

Week Four

Grand Final – Winner GAME Four v Winner GAME Six


Wins to make GF Double Chance Home Game





















Sixth 4 NO



Whilst I believe this system is better than that in place it isn’t perfect.  Is there a perfect finals system out there? I’m not sure, if you believe you have a better system feel free to send it to and I’ll be happy to publish the different systems.

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback about my system on the site or on twitter @hardsy05 Enjoy the finals action over the next few weeks, and all the best to your team if they are competing.

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  • Morgan

    CCM had THREE CHANCES last year and they couldn’t do it. The finals I think shows character, when you need to perform good teams perform. I think people who don’t think its fair need to realise that its not the BEST over 27 rounds its the team with the best mental strength anyone can win it, thats why its so fun!!!

  • Squizz

    David, I like it – especially the midweek game. 6 teams out of 10 is too many and while we only have 10 teams your system acts like a repechage for teams that really don’t deserve to be there to make the real finals. Roar ended 22 points behind WSW and Glory 25 points behind. This season finals really rewards mediocrity. Your system puts the pressure on thos that don;t deserve to be there.

    Morgan, CCM had 2 chances to make the GF last year , the same as proposed by this system.

  • Ben

    SEND THIS IN to the FFA NOW!! its great