Fan of the Week – Les Murray


Our new segment looks at one fan every week, whether it is a high profile football fan, or that unknown fan who attends week in week out.  We attempt to give you an insight in why they love the game, and why they love the A-League.

What better way to start of weekly segment than with an Australian football icon Les Murray.  For as long as I can remember Les has been the face of football on SBS.  Les is more than a football broadcaster; he is an ambassador; and a fine one at that.

What is your first football memory?

A local, regional game on the village green at Budakeszi, the town on the outskirts of Budapest where I spent my first eleven years. I was captivated and have been ever since. I must have been around six.

Who is your favourite A-League player and why?

Thomas Broich. I love players who are unpredictable, who are capable of springing surprises even when they’re having an off day. That’s Broich.

What is your favourite A-League moment?

Without doubt the sight of the Red and Black Bloc in last season’s Grand Final. It was the most vivid picture of how far football in this country has come since I began broadcasting it.

If you could make one change to the A-League what would it be?

Bring in promotion and relegation.

What is your favourite A-League stadium?

Suncorp. It is the closest we have to a real football stadium, resembling the best stadiums of Europe.

What will Free to Air coverage mean to the league?

It will provide access to the league for the whole of our population, thereby building its market and its brand. Only free to air television can do this.

Is one game a week enough for SBS to capture a new audience for the league?

Of course. I am certain SBS will have very good audiences.

You have been the face of football on SBS for so many years; do you have a favourite broadcasting moment?

I’ve had many, but probably Australia’s win over Japan in the 2006 World Cup. With under ten minutes to go and the Aussies losing 1:0, Craig Foster and I already started walking back to our studio position, both of us seething. I even kicked a rubbish bin on the way. We barely had a chance to sit down and get miked up before Timmy scored and we ended up winning 3:1.

How do you think the Socceroos will go in Brazil at the World Cup?

There’s an awful lot of work to do because three years have been wasted by a lack of long term planning and rebuilding of the team. We have to try and close this gap and close it fast.

Favourite Socceroo of All time?

A toss up between Mark Viduka and Ned Zelic. How we could use those two today.

Football returns home to SBS on Friday nights this A-League season and gives every Australian home access to free to air coverage of the league.  Be sure to watch Les Monday nights on @TheWorldGame and tune in on Friday nights when the season commences.  Follow Les on twitter @lesmurraySBS

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