Hey FIFA, can we get our $43m back?

It was brave of Mr Lowy to ask FIFA for the $43 million dollars we spent on our failed 2022 World Cup host city campaign.  To even think FIFA would reply to the request, let alone entertain the thought is ambitious.  $43 million buys a lot of trips to the Caribbean, private schools fees and ‘gifts’ for friends.

The thought process seems logical; ask for money that we spent on a floored ballot process.  I mean, I’m not saying FIFA votes are available for hire; ever since I was a little boy I would dream the world’s best nations playing in air conditioned stadiums in the middle east during the sweltering hot summer, hasn’t everyone?

The FFA asking FIFA for a ‘refund’ is akin to asking the schoolyard bully for your lunch money back, or me asking Les Murray for a weekly guest spot on ‘The World Game’; it just isn’t going to happen (or is it Les?).  We fought a battle of epic proportions; we went up against the oil rich Qatar to host the World’s premier sporting event.  Even Socceroos star Brett Holman cannot say no to the riches of Middle Eastern football.

Let’s not forget we received one vote in round one and ran 5th in a five horse race during the 2022 bidding process.  If Frank Lowy was successful in receiving even a portion of the $43 million he could pay for the years of therapy needed for Australian football fans after seeing that cartoon kangaroo.

On a serious note we need to put the 2022 disaster behind us and turn our attention on the pitch to make sure we continue to grow the game in this country to ensure our continual World Cup qualification.

FIFA will decide whether they want a winter or summer cup despite the thoughts of the powers of Europe.  A winter World Cup would be comical and throw the football calendar into a frenzy, but who would have thought a country not ranking in the top 100 (Qatar 108th) in the World could host a World Cup.

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