We are not a joke of a club, so stop hiding behind a keyboard

After another less then perfect display against Melbourne Heart, the knifes are yet again out on Adelaide United. Leading 2-0 at half time, the Reds fell apart as the Heart scored three goals to be 3-2 in the second half. Thankfully, a  Marcelo Carrusca deflected free kick saved the Reds blushes in the 75th minute to level the game.


Without a win since round one, Josep Gombau has been coping the heat and criticism from all sides. The fixture against the Heart was labelled a ‘must win’ to release some pressure on Gombau and his players. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. “We lost 2 points. The penalty they were given can be a telling decision in the game but when you’re leading 2-0, to concede the two goals like we did, you can’t do that,” Gombau said.


One could argue that blaming Gombau’s ‘tika taka’ style of football is the problem for Adelaide. Playing such a high line allows such threatening opposition attacks and concedes goals. One could be right. But blaming and abusively attacking the coach, players and football club is unnecessary. I am too very frustrated with our results. Everyone is entitled to express their respective points of view. Although, I for one have had enough of some fans hiding behind a keyboard and threatening Gombau and the Adelaide United players via social media.


I tweet and I also can get frustrated during a match. That’s human nature. But we all have a responsibility as a football community to respect and exercise restraint. Some comments such as this, in my opinion; are totally unacceptable:


“Your club is a joke from board level to the players.”

“This club is a f***king farce.”


The above tweets are an example of some things I have read on twitter. I can tell you we are NOT a joke of a football club. To say such a thing is an insult to all the professionals; from players, staff and coaches at the Adelaide United Football Club. YES we are going through the worst start to an ALeague season in our clubs history. YES Josep Gombau is implementing a massive change to our football identity and culture. Does anyone remember a bloke called Ange at Brisbane?


It will take time. And it may not be this season that we see the Reds at their peak. I for one credit Gombau, for having the guts and patience to stick to what he believes in. He trusts the players and the players trust him. Maybe it’s time us fans have some patience and loyalty to stick through this bad time. Being a fan isn’t just about the good times. Loyalty is built and maintained through the bad times. We are United by name. Now it’s time we are United by nature.


  • The worst are the ones hiding behind football fan group twitter accounts.

    Want to abuse the club or someone about their club?

    Have the balls to do it at least with your personal account and not hide behind not just a keyboard but a faceless Twitter account.

  • Bela Guttman

    You are lucky, at least your coach has a style and tactical vision to implement, all Aloisi has to offer is ‘passion’, the days when that alone is sufficient to coach successfully in the HAL are long gone. If it’s any comfort to you Heart fans would swap coaches in an instant