Sydney FC Fan Forum – Approaching the Crossroads

Without trying to shovelling much more hyperbole on top of the already-steaming pile of discourse, tonight’s Sydney FC Fan Forum & Strategic Unveiling is one of the most important event in the club’s short history.

For Sydney FC members, tonight’s encounter with Sydney FC’s hierarchy will give them the chance to listen to and question the only decision-makers at the glamour club, who will be in the unenviable position of trying to sell a 3 year plan to the club which is almost half-way complete, while at the same time convincing the fans the remaining 18 months is worth bothering with.

The fans want this club to succeed, so they should give those who run it an opportunity to come clean on not just where the club is at, but just as importantly, where they think the club is at. While the events of the last fortnight have brought the club to the crossroads, tonight will be a major opportunity for club management to take the right path.

I will be live-tweeting tonight’s fan forum – using the hashtag #SydneyForum – as best as I can, as well as writing a feature article tomorrow for From The Stands, so as many Sydney FC fans as possible will know what transpires tonight.

Personally, I’m coming up with a few questions to ask, but will be saving most of my thinking until after the club’s had its chance to explain itself.

For those of you going, have you thought of your question(s) already? If you’re not going, what would you ask the club?

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