Where do I start?

After Friday night’s 3-1 result at Coopers Stadium, my mind has been in overdrive thinking about who is our best player at Adelaide United. It is a team sport remember. There are no ‘I’s’ in a team they say. But really, who is our most important player in Gombau’s machine?

The first name that comes into my mind is Marcelo Carrusca. The La Plata born Argentinian has been a revelation since he arrived in the ALeague. Not only the fact that red looks so alluring on him, Carrusca has thrived in a possession based game which allows him to pull the strings in central and left midfield. Friday night showed just some of Marcelo’s brilliance, providing one of the assists of the season to allow Fabio Ferreira a goal. More Chelo magic to come? Of course!


Another name that springs to mind is Isaias Sanchez Cortes, known to me and you as simply Isaias.  After a relatively quite start to his Adelaide United career, Isaias has become one of the Reds most consistent and reliable midfielders. The Spanish central defensive midfielder has passed the ball with accuracy, propose and protected the back four with balance;  Isaias made a total of 80 passes against Sydney and 73 of them were successful. Gombau has preached the importance of passing with purpose and accuracy. Isaias is one of the players that does this best. More of the same to come I think!


A key player within Gombau’s formation and squad is the one and only Bruce Djite.  The big bodied and yet fleet footed false number nine striker, has brought in the creative midfielders around him such as Carrusca and been a central target for wingers Cirio and Ferreira. More then anything, Bruce has provided a physical presence which can draw fouls as well as impact the score sheet. Providing 5 goals from 17 starts, considering he has been battling a variety of injuries; is a pretty decent effort. Bruce will be vital heading into the finals series.

Gorgeous by name and nature, Fabio Ferreira is a player you can’t ignore.  Yes call me bias (hi Fabio if you are reading this, want my number?), ahem.. In all seriousness Ferreira has been a dominate attacking force down the right wing for Adelaide United all season. The Barreiro born Portuguese hunk (sorry), has scored 8 goals this campaign and has quite clearly settled into life in Adelaide. His pace and technical ability will continue to tear the hair out of opposition left backs. And may even influence some fellow footballers on how to catch the ladies attention. Am I right?

The final player that has been in my head as the stand out within the reds side has been Sergio Cirio.  Playing 20 matches with a return of eight goals, Cirio has become a threatening force in the final third for the reds. Much like his compatriot Isasis, Cirio took awhile to settle into ALeague football. Although, the last ten weeks have shown what the Spaniard can provide. His quick feet, timely runs and finishing skills have benefited United’s attack and worried opposition defences.


Okay so who is the best? I still can’t answer that one! I guess what I can say each of the above players are a vital cog in the Adelaide United Gombau era. Who is your favourite and why? Would be interested to say what you guys have to say. COYR!