Fan of the Week – Brazil Bound

Going to Brazil? Sadly I’m not, but we have found three fans lucky enough to be heading to what can only be described as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’.  A World Cup in Brazil is the ultimate for football fans, and although the draw hasn’t fallen Australia’s way they are sure to have a great time regardless.

They were good enough to answer a few questions for us before packing their bags, and reading up on the World Cup.


What is your first World Cup memory?

Maurice Riva (MR) – Mexico 1970, Pele winning the WC and retiring on the shoulders of a player

Simon Overall (SO) – France 1998 – Wasn’t really into Football much before then!

Guy McLoghlin (GM) – 1994 was the first World Cup I remember, but only bits. I remember Colombia, Valderama’s hair and especially Escobar’s own goal. I didn’t understand it for years, but was amazed that he was killed for it.

Favourite World Cup moment?

MR – 1986 Maradona’s goal v England

SO – Definitely pouring onto George St with 1000’s of others after the Socceroos beat Japan 3-1 in 2006. Amazing.

GM – Being a mad Arsenal fan, watching Bergkamp score in the last minute against Argentina. After he missed the cup FA Final, I was so happy for him. That goal is sublime. The 2nd best goal I’ve ever seen, after his at Newcastle in 2002.

What’s your favourite Socceroos moment?

MR – 2005 at Homebush qualifying for Germany 2006

SO – Getting into the Round of 16 in Germany – no one gave us a chance and we really shut a lot of critics up!

GM – Has to be Cahill’s 2nd against Japan. In the Dickens in Melbourne, the tension was ridiculous. The pub was heaving after the equaliser, but when the 2nd went in I was overcome with joy and dropped to my knees as people jumped around me going crazy. The third was pure bliss, and thousands of people joined together on Swanston street and marched singing and dancing to parliament steps. I had tears in my eyes.

Favourite Socceroos player, and why?

MR – Harry Kewell, special talent. Cahill a close second.

SO – Bresciano – always underrated for me, and a good guy in real life as well.

GM – Of all time, Viduka. Melbourne boy, pure class, a beast… He could do no wrong in my eyes.
Current, Tim Cahill. Great bloke, great footballer, great Aussie.

How many games are you going to in Brazil?

MR – Four or five pending results

SO – Five
GM – I’m on the follow Australia green and gold army tour, I’ve got tickets to all 3. Hopefully I will get a ticket to France vs Hondurus as that’s the only other game I’ll get a chance to go to.
Prediction Time, how will the Socceroos go In their matches
MR – Tough one, loss
SO – 1-1
GM – I think we’ll start as fast as we can and hopefully catch them unaware, but in the end I think they’ll be too good and we’ll lose 2-1
MR – Draw
SO – Lose 2-0
GM – I’m hoping that history repeats itself and we put in a great performance and draw 1-1
MR – Loss
SO – Lose 3-0
GM – They will be too good for us. Just like brazil in 06, we will put up a good fight, but they will keep us at arms length and punish any mistakes. 3-0
Who will win the World Cup?
MR –  Argentina
SO – Germany
GM – The ghosts of 1950 still haunt them. As well as the unrest that could happen, nothing but a win will help.
Which A-League club do you support?
MR – Sydney FC
SO – Sydney FC
GM – I’ve been a Melbourne victory member since the start of the 2nd season. I missed the first because I was living in London.
Favourite A-League player?
MR – Del Piero
SO – Thomas Broich
GM – Archie Thompson. Always smiling, loves winding up the opposition. I love that Perth sing that he’s a wanker, he loves it too. He is a victory legend and will go down as an a-league great. 6 goals that day, what a day.
If you could make one change to the A-League what would it be?
MR – Improve the standard of referees
SO – Bigger benches giving squads more variety on the bench and encouraging coaches to be far more tactical with squad selections.
GM – Professional refs are essential. Whether or not it improved the standard I don’t know. They need to extend the time they can referee for, there are too many young refs. Make it enticing for them to stay, the best refs are the most experienced. They also need to be more open, have dialogue with the clubs and players off the field. I think this will help develop more respect towards refs.
Enjoy the World Cup guys.
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