FFA announces plans for “National Plan” for whole of football

Football Federation Australia (FFA) CEO David Gallop has today announced a ‘National Plan for the Whole of Football” in Australia as the game enters the ‘golden era’.

In his State of the Game address in Sydney, Gallop claimed that it was time for the stakeholders of Australian football to join forces in overcoming future obstacles, challenges and opportunities which may arise

“Everywhere you look at the moment, you can see that Australian football is enjoying a golden period,” said Gallop. “A lot of our current strength is down to the unity of purpose in the game.

“It’s time for a National Plan for the Whole of Football that will set us on our way towards making football the biggest and most popular game in Australia.

“This is not a plan just for FFA driven by the national body. As the name says, it’s a plan for the Whole of Football and everyone in the game will have a role to play.”

The national plan will see inroads made in the following categories:

Elite player and coach development

  • National teams
  • Community football
  • Facilities development
  • National competitions
  • Fan connections
  • Commercial revenues

The plan will lead to a major consultation process between the stakeholders with the National Plan to be completed by the conclusion of the Asian Cup next year January before its implementation, which is set to take place in July 2015.

“After almost two years as CEO, I’m excited and ambitious for the game,” said Gallop, “but I’ve come to understand that Australian football suffers from a ‘burden of opportunity’.

“Football in Australia has a huge growth trajectory and massive potential, but we don’t always have the capital, the resources and the structures to harvest the opportunity.

“The National Plan will set our sights on making football bigger and stronger much sooner.”

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