Hamza Carries Jordan To Comfortable Victory – From The Stands Asian Cup – Day 8 Review

It’s not often you can score 4 goals in a match and not get recognised as the biggest thing to happen. However it’s not every game you play a special side like Palestine. Their players, officials and the team itself is abound with stories. However that still can’t excuse some of the defending on show from the Palestinians.

Hamza Al-Dararadreh announced himself to the Asian footballing world with his four goal haul, and the first hat-trick of . The 23 year old striker toyed with the Palestinian defence and saved his country from embarrassment as they had their own defence follies. Hamza’s strikes came at the 35th, 45+2, 75th and 80th minutes. The last off the back of a beautiful through ball none-too-like Matthew Leckie’s on Tuesday in quality

Both keepers were called up to make crucial saves as their respective back 4’s allowed plentiful chances. But it was a stunning strike from Yousef Ahmad that curled into the right top corner that Palestinian keeper Ramzi Saleh could not touch.

It was then turned in to the Hamza show as he ran riot on the Palestinian goal. He tapped in thrice, but all off quality crosses which seem to be a forte of the Jordanians. His hat-trick goal was all individual brilliance as he controlled the ball at the edge of the centre circle and sped away to apply a tidy finish

It was Palestine who stole the show however. One of numerous free-kicks Palestine had in dangerous positions led to one falling out the back and to the feet of Jaka Hbaisha who was there to tuck home on a tight angle Palestine’s first ever Asian Cup goal in front of a very pro-Palestine crowd of 10,808.

Jordan now need a minor miracle to make it through, with Japan standing in their way. For Palestine, memories and more footballing lessons will be taken from this match.

Jordan 5 (Yousef Al-Rawashdeh 33, Hamza Al-Daradreh 35, 45+, 75, 80) defeated Palestine 1 (Jaka Ihbeisheh 85′)

FTS Player of the Match: Hamza Al-Daradreh

The Jordanian striker was on point all game. His ability to shark 3 goals and create his own goal with pure speed was all class and the beginning of what could be a great career for this young goal poacher. His diminutive stature fools many defenders, but will need to pull out all the stops to top Japan next game

Crowd: 10,808 at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium

A raucous crowd was very pro-Palestine, which is understandable when Melbourne houses the most Palestinian’s in Australia. The two quick goals in the first half silenced the active support but after halftime they found their voices again and were appreciative of the effort from both teams.


Team               Played        Points      Goal Difference

Japan                 2                    6                 +5

Jordan               2                    3                 +3

Iraq                     2                    3                  0

Palestine          2                    0                 -8


Asian Cup 2015 Attendance Running Total: 259,070