City Views – Enough Is Enough

Melbourne City is beyond help at the present time.  Sadly fans have seen this far too often in their short five year history.  Last season before the City Football Group takeover things were pretty grim but a change in ownership and a name change gave fans the hope needed for another season.

Miracles weren’t expected to happen overnight but what was expected was a move in the right direction for the club.  Back to back losses against Central Coast and Western Sydney would’ve been forgiven last season, but not this season.  City should’ve gained more from their recent away trip and will return to Melbourne empty handed.  With a finals spot on the line the squad showed a lack of intensity, very little character and gave the small group of loyal supporters absolutely zilch.

Under pressure manager John Van’t Schip rolled out the same rubbish at either press conference telling us he was disappointed and the group must improve.  Well sorry John enough is enough, I can no longer buy your rubbish comments.  You have been given enough time in your second chance at the club to deliver on your promises.  You seem like a man who knows football but cannot find what is needed to motivate the group of players you have chosen to take the club forward.  It seems from an outsider you have lost the dressing room and cannot control the actions of the squad.  It’s time for you to walk away from this challenge as it is too great for you.

So why doesn’t CEO Scott Munn step into the mix and show some leadership at the club?  Simply because he too isn’t up for the challenge.  For the last five seasons we have watched this club tread water on the pitch whilst the front office sells us #believe #together and other buzz words but delivers mediocrity.  Munn’s presence this season has very much taken a step back with the new owners and I cannot remember the last time he actually came out to identify with the supporters or seek answers for the way the club is currently being run.  Whilst Munn is in the chair JVS has job security no matter what the failing coach delivers, Munn hasn’t got the ability to sack JVS his relationship is far too close with the head coach and we’ve already seen the club go chasing after the Dutchman after he failed in Mexico.  Melbourne City has a distinct lack of leadership and it starts with the CEO and flows downwards.  Dramatic changes are needed if the club is to success like many know it can.

On field this season has been horrible but not unexpected.  Leadership shown from Kisnorbo has been absent, strong leadership in a team environment is crucial.  All I’ve seen from Kisnorbo is an individual trying to hang on to his place in the team whilst others pass him by.  I cannot recall a more selfish leader in Australian sports at the moment and he is a very poor choice of captain.  This should be the final season in Kisnorbo’s professional career as his body is slowing and he is showing signs of the game catching him up.  It must be frustrating for him because he has been a very good professional footballer throughout the years.

I won’t be attending the game on Saturday night, not because I cannot continue to watch this rabble take the pitch on a weekly basis but because change is needed at all levels of the club.  City Football Group is very busy at the moment with the progress of their new baby New York City and with Manchester City at the business end of their campaign.  Something dramatic needs to happen for the owners to take not of what is happening on the other side of the globe.  An attendance of less than 5,000 during the prime time Saturday night slot may just be that wakeup call needed.

Sadly this hasn’t been the worst season from the club but it has been the most disappointing.  So much was promised with so little being delivered.  A clean out of the club is needed with Munn, Van’t Schip and a variety of current squad players on the list.  Melbourne City will never achieve anything with these men running our club and we deserve more than this.

No longer will I watch my club strive for and achieve mediocrity on and off the field.  Changes need to be made before I make my return to AAMI Park.


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