Adelaide United Bring Back The Passion

Four games down and Adelaide United are nowhere to be seen.  What happened to my REDS?

Two draws, two losses, TWO POINTS, not the ideal start! Oh yeah and we’re bottom of the league, could things get any worse?

We haven’t scored a goal yet either, with MR own goal our top scorer, we should sign him up I hear you say, even that joke is getting old. So yes things have just got worse.

I can’t remember a season start so bad for the mighty Reds and I certainly haven’t seen us concede so many easy goals in the last 20 minutes of games.  Our school boy tactics of throwing men forward like headless chooks chasing games leaving holes as wide as the Grand Canyon in the defense.  Who wrote the rule book that if you concede the first goal in a game you have to turn to panic tactics and not keep persevering with the current game plan?

But the current game plan of controlling the game and keeping the ball more than the opposition of course becomes worthless and meaningless if you can’t score goals, no one wins the league on 60 percent possession and zero goals scored.

So what has happened? Well I guess we cannot underestimate the Gombau factor, this was a coach that loved his players and his players loved him. He had passion the envy of all the other A league clubs…we all loved watching him run 100metres in his suit, slide on his knees, fall on his face, get up and embrace his players when the Reds scored; or what about when Mabil scored last season and his first thought was to bear hug Gombau and kiss him on the head, you can’t buy that passion and you cannot buy that team spirit.

I’m not saying Amor has to do that, but he has to do something, I know you cannot just replace a bloke like Gombau but you sure as hell have to create your own legacy and do more than is currently being served up.  At the moment the supporters are not getting anything to be excited about and we are all frustrated by our toothless tiger front third, the forward line without goals and a midfield without match winning passes.

The South Australian public is an intelligent football crowd that knows the game and if this continues Hindmarsh will become a disgruntled and disappointed spiritual home of our mighty reds.

So Reds and Amor what have you got in store for us, the ball is in your court as we eagerly await……your move lads.

We will be watching from the stands.

  • JoRyanSalazar

    Your reds need a new manager.

  • Gerry Luce

    it dose not help when your strikers can’t score goals and if we had
    scored early or equalized in the second half before the roars second it
    could have been a different game