Haters Going To Hate

So the World game or World football is having some mud thrown at it, the same mud that has been thrown all my Adult life and all my parents life too, the tune is always the same just the date at the bottom of the article and name of the journo is different, surely the old violin will break one day and the tune will fall out of the charts like a bad song that hangs around too long….. To be fair I think it has lessened in recent years but it still does throw an annoying fly at the BBQ kinda feel.

Why does the worlds dance get attacked by people that don’t want to dance, have they got two left feet or are they terrified of the dance floor in front of them and need the comfort of a drunken delusional hate filled agenda driven article to skull down before stepping out and busting a move.

The spin and ludicrous remarks by people that hate the game and don’t attend the game baffles me and I give them about as much time of day as that person that gives out advice about parenting and raising kids to the mum with 3 little ones under 5 who when asked, so how many kids do you have? There reply is I don’t have kids I just write articles on it.

However if a positive is to come out of this, the amazing scenes of A league fans coming together this weekend and showing integrity passion and intelligence to stand up for themselves and their fellow football fan was truly inspirational and made me proud to belong to that same family and the reason why i have loved this game for 38 years now and counting.

Maybe these so called journos could write about that, maybe they could write about the passionate football fan, the ones that I love and the one that I am.

Feel free to write about how I get up at 330am every Saturday morning and talk on the radio for 30 minutes a week on the world game at 4am , or feel free to write about the countless volunteers including David Hards who write articles every week on the game they love . But I guess we like the millions out there who love the game all round the globe making this the most popular sport on Earth and the 100,000 A league members are not interesting enough for them, Haters going to Hate and drunken sensationalized articles will be written.

Love Damien, World game fan.

  • JoRyanSalazar

    Here’s the reason: they want reads and revenue. In other words, these untalented hacks want people to talk. And that’s what’s happening.