Adelaide On The March

Another win to the mighty REDS and this time the winner wasn’t in the first two minutes of the game but in the last 25 seconds.  The beauty of football and our great game you can get the job done early or you can leave it till the last kick of the match and Adelaide United have certainly shown the fans at Hindmarsh these two ways of doing it.

Sure it isn’t good for the heart and fingernails but you now come away from a game at Hindmarsh stadium feeling very satisfied and entertained, the drama on the pitch and winning feeling is back and the passion in the stands is starting to fill the spiritual home of Australian football.

Amor is now starting to get his groove on and the players are all grooving to the same beat

Finally we can all dance together again and celebrate the good old winning ways that we are use to as Adelaide United supporters. I don’t think the Sydney send off did them any favours but at the same time it changed the game for us as well, sometimes it can be harder to play against 10 men than play in the side with 10. This was certainly evident in this match but no one can deny Adelaide United we did boss the game and with 60 odd percent possession were deserved winners and the team that created the better chances.

Highlighted in that domination of possession was Marcelo Carusca this man has the ball on a string and is worth the fee at the gate alone. His silky touches , clever back heels and nutmegs makes viewing a absolute pleasure and must cause opposition players nightmares.

Jimmy Jeggo you superstar!!, now that was some goal, 20 yards out and bang! It flew into the back of the net, one of the goals of the season so far and certainly a player who can bring more goals to his game.  An absolute peach of a strike!

Unfortunately maybe the players and fans were celebrating that goal too much because 10 minutes later Sydney went and spoilt the party by equalizing a real sucker punch and no one could really see it coming, well at least not the RED EYED united supporters.

But hey if that didn’t happen we wouldn’t have got the best 95th minute drama we have maybe ever seen at Hindmarsh…A penalty, yes a penalty!! The sheer jubilation in the crowd on the ref awarding the spot kick quickly turned into nervous anticipation as we stood side by side hearts in mouths, beers clenched tighter than ever with the knowledge that score we win miss we go home crying.  So Mr. Carussca it was over too you and of course we know what happens next.

3 points and the Reds are on the march!