The Jedi Mooyster

Not so long ago Aaron Mooy’s prospects of a return to Europe only existed in a galaxy far, far away; fast forward to December 17, 2015 and the chances of a second of a European return has now become more reality than fantasy.

Some pundits would have you believe Mooy is already standing at Tullamarine awaiting a January transfer move already but Melbourne City wouldn’t dare cash in their prized possession before the success starved club has at least one decent crack at securing an A-League title for their small but loyal fan base.

Any transfer fee received for the sale of Mooy would be a drop in the ocean for the City Football Group coffers and one would think establishing a fan base in Melbourne would be far more important than a few dollars in the incoming column of the Melbourne balance sheet.

There is no doubting the importance of Mooy and his impact on Melbourne City this season.  Mooy is responsible for six goals and countless assists and has played a crucial part in every City win.  His impact  alongside Bruno Fornaroli and Harry Novillo is the reason for City’s current third place on the table and the potential of City climbing further up the table.  Mooy would be leading most individual player awards this season and is already a hot favourite to be awarded the coveted Johnny Warren medal.

Socceroo legend Harry Kewell was recently asked to weigh in on the transfer speculation about Mooy travelling to the middle east to further his career and immediately dismissed the idea.  Any move chasing dollars would make no sense at this stage in his career and would hinder rather than progress his career.

City Football Group want to build a successful football club in Melbourne and whilst the efforts have been impressive this season when it comes to fan engagement the club is in desperate need of success and if Mooy and others can string some impressive home wins together expect the crowds to come flowing through the turnstiles.  City has the second lowest crowd averages at the moment and City officials whilst concerned with this figure tried and failed to ignite a Friday night football culture in Melbourne.  Whilst the idea gained my support you cannot help but think numbers would be far greater after the recent 5-1, 5-1 , 4-0 run of results.

Melbourne City needs to build on their current base of supporters and keeping Aaron Mooy until the end of the 2015/16 season is paramount to this. Whilst not wanting to get carried away with the last three weeks of results City has a genuine chance at winning some A-League silverware.  Losing the leagues best player is most likely a question of sooner than later but City officials need to weigh up what keeping Mooy for the remainder of the season means to the competition and to the City supporters.  Let’s hope City can keep up the Mooymentum at least for the remainder of the season.


Keeping with the theme of the week we take on Kevin ‘Darth Vader’ Muscat and his squad of Melbourne Victory Stormtroopers.  Let’s hope we can win the 18th instalment of the Melbourne Derby and send him and his squad back to the death star that is Etihad Stadium.






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