Relegate The Idea

The great promotion and relegation buzz for the A-League and this thirst or need to say because we have relegation our league is somewhat valid and real. I don’t buy into it and disagree completely

Why is relegation so wanted by certain people in this country and why do they think it justifies the league and improves it. These are of course the same people that shout out and promote every season that the A-League gets better and better also claiming that the standard improves each and every year. Insert we haven’t needed relegation to achieve such claims you guys shout from the rafters.

Also the little thing they forget to mention that the A-League was designed and built on the one city one team philosophy and to expand in time from those such foundations.  So to relegate let’s say an Adelaide United, Perth Glory or Brisbane Roar ,all places that only have one team in the city and state would be stupid beyond belief and complete disaster for the code the game and let alone the 1000’s of fans that head out to support their side each and every week.  Do our cities if relegated get a T-shirt saying hey Relegation rules you can wear that while you sit at Hindmarsh stadium all alone and watch the grass grow….I mean seriously talk about a backward step for the state of the game in this country.

Do these relegation lovers realise the gravity of what that would do to the game and support of the code if particular states and towns were wiped out of the professional A-League map just so they can have the warm fuzzies of saying we have promotion and relegation, to me a truly selfish and not well thought out plan.

BUT hey we must do it because that’s what the sexy leagues are doing that’s what the sexy people are doing….we must follow because heaven forbid we come up with our own Australian A-League formula and business model that actually works in this country it was set up in.  I mean let’s relegate a Melbourne side or a Sydney side and not have a derby next season in those cities just so we can say we have relegation and get the warm fuzzies.

Let’s relegate Perth Glory and not have professional football in Western Australia so we line up with those leagues around the world and say we are now cool like you.

Let’s Relegate Brisbane Roar and tell the people of Queensland if you have Fox Sports you can watch other teams play on the TV.

Or let’s Relegate Adelaide United and tell the South Australian public to go and support another code as Hindmarsh is a place used for random Foo Fighter concerts.

Seriously relegation in the A-League ….I don’t think so!