Kit Kat Time For FFA

Over the next few days Adelaide will be awash with Green and Gold as the national team prepare to take on Tajikistan, and then fly to their home base of Sydney to face Jordan in what could decide the winner of the group.  Twelve teams survive the second round of Asian qualifying and progress for their chance to reach Russia.

There is no doubting the importance of the upcoming (Caltex) Socceroos qualifiers and as we look to press our case for a fourth consecutive World Cup there is a small matter of our domestic competition continuing.  With only three rounds remaining in the regular season and two points separating the top four teams this week’s games could prove crucial.

Country should always come before club but once again Australian clubs suffer because the FFA refuses to schedule an international break.  It’s not a new argument but as the Socceroos continue to qualify for World Cups through the Asian confederation it’s an issue we must readdress in the offseason.

One can understand the league doesn’t want to lose any of the momentum (if they do have any) with the NRL season only three weeks in and the AFL season due to commence of the same night the Socceroos play in Adelaide but the league must put the interests of the clubs before any self interest they have.

This weekend is also the start of school holidays and the Easter weekend so you can justify the leagues position in pushing thru and playing the scheduled games but the FFA must at least look at the alternative options.  Admittedly they find themselves between a rock and a hard place with only three weeks of the regular season and the Asian Champions League in full swing but their way of thinking and become more flexible in their thinking.  Rescheduling is probably not an option in this scenario but their obstinate way of thinking must change.

This week the majority of club football stops around the globe but we continue to plough through and clubs are punished for the success of individuals in representing their country.  As we all know nothing happens quickly when the FFA are involved but maybe we should add international breaks to the many problems that need addressing in the very busy offseason.

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