So how proud of Adelaide United are you REDS fans?  From being bottom after 8 rounds this team has dug deep, found the passion and got the South Australian public thinking this could just be our year. Take a bow Amor the wolves were at the door and wanting answers, take a bow the Adelaide United players the fans had questions and we wanted pride in that RED shirt we thought had been lost for the season. But boy did Amor and his merry men answer and answer in style, all the way to the top of the table!

Top of the pops are our mighty REDS well for at least 24 hours but really that is irrelevant what is most important is the character, the desire and love the Boys found again for that RED shirt and in turn gave all REDS fans their team back and swagger in the RED supporters step. We are now marching together to the finals and marching as one to the possibility of being announced Australian Champions 2016.

Tonight’s result was another reflection of that turn around, 2 zip away from home to a very tough Sydney side is not only a impressive result but a result showing a team that has a desire to go all the way.

Big Bad Bruce got a brace tonight and has 8 goals in his last 10 games not bad considering he went on a drought of some 22 games without scoring. So hats of to Bruce just another fine example of how hard work, determination and a will to achieve great things has paid of in the end. Pretty much the essence of Adelaide United this season.

So REDS fans enjoy the weekend, enjoy the week, hey enjoy this season…  The REDS have made us proud and showed us all that if you don’t give up and work hard you can achieve anything, maybe even a big shiny trophy !!! Who knows guys that Shiny trophy might have RED hands on it.