Dark Clouds Over City

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Last night City managed to destroy almost an entire season of impressive results with a pathetic and inept display in Perth.  This is to take nothing away from Perth, they totally outclassed City, but to be fair it was a poor City that walked out onto NIB Stadium.

I have witnessed many poor efforts over the last few years as a Heart/City fan but none more disappointing than last night.  You could tell from the first few minutes the player’s minds weren’t on the game, their heads still on the plane or back at the hotel room.  For a game to mean so much to everyone associated with the club and the players not to perform when required typifies Melbourne City.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if we copped a 90th minute goal from Perth, or a dodgy penalty; sure it would’ve hurt but we would’ve seen the players put in the required effort.  Last night was the most embarrassed I have been as a Melbourne City supporter and I have seen some pretty average efforts of the journey.

Last week we left the stadium full of hope, top of the league and beginning to wonder what if?  Well wonder no more City fans the dream of the Premiers plate is over and our finals campaign in tatters.  A home final isn’t even secured and we are left scratching our heads about the events that took place.  When players are admitting they didn’t show up for the first half you respect their honesty but you start to question their motivation and their ability to want to play for the shirt.  Hopefully I never see another lacklustre performance like it, but as a City fan you cannot hold your breath.

This Friday night was supposed to be a special night for the club, one that could bring silverware and a wealth of opportunity with it.  Potentially fans were turning up in droves to witness a historic night, to share in the wonder of such occasion.  Sure, it wasn’t a given but after the performances of the last few weeks you could help but feel the cards were falling into place.  Now with egg on our face we must reassess the situation and hope the players can get over such a disappointing performance and a short turnaround. 

Our defence has been questionable all season and the attacking trio of Fornaroli, Mooy and Novillo has offset this most weeks but last night this simply didn’t happen.  The first goal was a result of ongoing pressure and we can blame Osama Malik’s ball watching for the second and third goals.  Yes the third goal was pretty special, but you watch it sail over the defenders head.  On paper the 3-2 result looks ok but when you call the last two goals for what they really are; consolation goals, you start to get a better picture of the performance.  When you read through the results pages in years to come such an inept effort won’t jump out at you but fans will remember this result for a long time.

So what does Friday night bring us, Redemption? Hardly.  We have seen this chance slip through our fingers and every person associated with this result should be ashamed and embarrassed.  City had a golden opportunity to show people we were a force in this league and we reminded everyone that we haven’t really moved on since our dark Melbourne Heart days.

It would be easy for us all to put the Perth game behind us but it’s just not that easy.  Results alone don’t destroy seasons but the lack of effort sure does.  John Van’t Schip has until Friday to change the mindset of this squad and prove to everyone in the league that Season 2015/16 wasn’t all smoke and mirrors.

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