Adelaide United are Premiers for 2016, yes that is right REDS fans we are the Premiers for 2016. What a outstanding achievement from the players and coaching staff. Hard to believe that it is Amor’s first ever senior coaching gig.Not a bad first season guiding your side to TOP spot and getting us a nice shiney trophy in the process.

Who can remember being bottom of the league after round 8 with no wins and 5 losses to our teams name some would have thought the wooden spoon was coming to Adelaide not the minor premiership.Insert just 1 more loss in the next 19 games with 14 of those being victories and you understand why we are all celebrating now.

The rise was fast, rapid and at times breathtaking with the REDS playing some of the best football we have ever seen in United shirts. Teams could only sit and watch as the RED express overtook everyone on the ladder and stopped for no one. Destination Premiers plate!

So I type this article my nerves still shot after that gripping draw we all watched between Melbourne Victory and Brisbane roar. I sit, reflect and try to work out this insane season that i dont think we will ever see again.The shock of it all is still present and may need another 24 hours to process, however I look forward to the reality of knowing Adelaide United are Premiers and the Reds are the envy of the A-League when I snap out of this giddy glow.

Congratulations Adelaide United, Congratulations REDS fans! The tears may be running down my face with joy and I may still be shaking from the events i just witnessed but hey would I want it any other way? Of course I wouldn’t! Bring on the finals now and the next round of drama as Adelaide United continue to have all of South Australia saying this could be the season we will all be RED ALL OVER !