The fairytale is now complete and like all good fairytales Adelaide United is the team that will live happily ever after with Amor the charming prince who has kissed the South Australian public. What a season, what a story and what a tale we will be sharing with our mates for years to come. Adelaide United are the Australian Champions for 2015/16 season and in doing so are the toast of the town and heroes for their new adoring fans.

Sunday’s atmosphere for the Grand Final at Adelaide Oval has been described by many to have been the best ever and most passionate since the Oval was redeveloped and I tend to agree with them. The sea of RED and the uniformed singing of UNITED as well as the AUFC chant blew the roof of the stadium and left many with goose bumps and chills never felt or seen before at a Football game in this state of any code.

Of course the 10,000 Wanderers fans played there part and to their credit didn’t stop singing even though there team trailed on the scoreboard for the majority of the day. Certainly not a supporter base that only sings when they’re winning.

But the real heroes on the day were the blokes in RED, Amor’s merry men that took us on a ride for 93mins where we rejoiced and jumped around in sheer ecstasy as Bruce Kamau, Isaias and Pablo Sanchez got the 3 greatest goals we have ever celebrated as REDS fans.

The Wanderers goal to be fair was all class too but on the day like many REDS fans it was a dagger to the heart and made all of us gasp for air as we saw the Wanderers fans erupt as one.

However as we turn the page of this fairytale story we see the REDs win 3-1 and the 50,119 fans with the majority being UNITED supporters go home the happiest. Thanks for the Story Adelaide United, I enjoyed every page of it and will be back next season for another fairytale.