#PS4NPLNSW Season Review

So, the A-league season is approaching which means that the numerous NPL seasons are coming to a close. For NSW this season has well been interesting, There seems to be a considerable gap in quality within the league. So here are my thoughts.

Mark Rudan deserves a chance in the A-league

Yes, Sydney United are probably one of the wealthiest teams in the NPL competitions. That however does not take away from the fact that Sydney United have been the most consistent team in the regular season taking the league out with over three weeks to go. Rudan has recruited wisely with plenty of ex A-league talent gracing his side. However he has got the best out players such as Chris Payne who well is this years version of Blake Powell. Conveniently at the time of this article, the Central Coast Mariners are looking for a manager and they could do worse than appointing the fox sports personality.

There is a untapped talent base going around the league

Blacktown City player Danny Choi stole the headlines after scoring a wonder goal in the FFA Cup round of 32 the other week. Choi has been one of the most consistent players in the league for a few years now and in my opinion it’s about time a few A-league clubs took notice. However Choi is only one of quite a few who are ready to make the step up if called upon. The leagues surprise packets Manly United actually have two or three players currently trialling at CCM at the time of writing. Then comes the argument for giving players a second chance. Blake Powell proved last season through a solid enough campaign at Wellington that players can make the most of a second chance. Other players of note include Blake Ricciuto, Toufic Alameddine, Charles Lokingjay and Lachlan Scott.

Wollongong are the Sunderland of the competition

This isn’t neccesarily a bad thing but Wollongong Wolves are gaining a reputation of just staying in the league. If not for a abysmal fall from grace from Blacktown Spartans, the wolves would have been condemmed to go down which is a sad prospect. However the club are fighting against the odds with the Illawarra Premier league offering better money than the south coast based club.

Only a matter of time before the NPL A-league clubs go up

This season in the NPL 2 has had two really big talking points. The A-league academies of Wanderers and Sydney Fc fighting for the tittle and Fraser Park under the Culina brothers making a last ditch effort to stay in the division. Sydney Fc and Wanderers have 3 weeks left in the competition and with 20 points seperating them in the club championship its all up for grabs. Watch this space.

Finally I mentioned it before, Congratulations to all affiliated with Sydney United on the Premiership win and good luck to all teams competiting in the finals.

Image courtesy of Football NSW.