RED ALL OVER | Stay Calm

A football game is not won in 5 minutes, not won in 10 minutes, not even won in the first half but the entire 90 minutes.  Football is a marathon not a sprint and Adelaide United has certainly shown this over the last 12 months.  Adelaide United the slow burner famously bottom after eight rounds and top after 27, champions in the end.  The tortoise does really win the race.

So too does the above paragraph relate to the REDS in the transfer market this season, whilst every A-League team is signing left, right and centre and unveiling the big names, United have steadily been plodding along.  A club unrushed and unphased by the hype and confident in its own pathway to further championship glory. Of course the odd fan including myself have felt a little frustrated and concerned by our slow movement this off season but we do have to sit back and take a collective breath. Sure some big names have left the club and we wish them all the best but still in this team lays the heart and soul of last season.

Carrusa, Isais ,Cirio to name just 3 match winning midfielders.  Laroca, McGowan, Elrich to name three more quality defenders. Galekovic, our captain still in between the sticks arguably the best keeper in the league on his day. Recent young talent signings in Marino, Garuccio and Kitto are all welcome additions to the squad and certainly have bright futures.  Amor’s faith to promote players from the youth team is also a breath of fresh air and let’s face it the reason why clubs have youth sides so we welcome the young talent of McGree and O’Doherty and look forward to them taking their opportunity this campaign.

Yesterday’s announcement of the slippery fish Henrique is another step forward for United a quality winger and midfielder that will fit in perfectly. He will light up Hindmarsh this season with trickery and silky moves and give United an extra threat in the front third.

The missing piece and elephant in the room is the centre forward position but we do know that this is the clubs focus and that they will head overseas and look to secure a quality number 9 with Grant Mayor the CEO hinting it will be more than likely someone from Spain, Albania or Brazil. A watch this space for REDS fans and again we must be patient as it will happen before round 1.

United might not have the full puzzle put together yet and there may be some noisy A league neighbours flashing their signings in our face but I leave you this REDS fans last year’s team had no massive names no big name superstars but in front of 50,000 people at the Adelaide Oval we held up the silverware and were crowned Australian Champions.

Keep the faith RED’s fans football is won on the final day, not a month before the season starts  Write the Champions off now and you might just see a tortoise strolling past you on the way to Glory.