Harbour Views: 1002 days

Normally in a derby win you can single out that one moment where things change, the momentum shifts to your side. If you’re lucky enough, your team will score and then comes the jubilation. When it comes to the first Sydney Derby of this season, I can’t pinpoint that one moment. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, this just proves how comprehensive the victory was. So bearing that in mine get ready for some early season positivity whilst also looking at the season ahead.


It’s with a heavy heart that after last night, the goalkeeping position has to be Danny Vukovic’s too lose. Why the heavy heart, cause Vedran has shown how much he loves the club and quite possibly has one of the best relationships with the supporters. However Vukovic made several crucial saves during the game most notably one to deny Nichols.


As I said earlier, there wasn’t much to complain about in the derby. However if I was to nit pick, I can see us getting caught out on the break against the better teams in the competition particularly with our full backs pushing up. However more of that when the time comes. Elsewhere, Jurman and Wilkonson seem to be forming one of the best partnerships in the league at the back. Whilst Zullo seems to have filled the void left by the departure of Gersbach perfectly.


Now from here on in, the brilliant thing about the squad assembled is the depth available. Last night, the midfield consisted of Brandon O’Neil, Josh Brillante and Milos Ninkovic. Firstly I’ll get this off my chest, What A Free-kick! Now apart from that O’Neil possibly had his best performance as a FC player passing the ball superbly as well as breaking up opposition attacks. Brillante was as solid as I thought he would be and Ninkovic well his in for a hell of a season if he keeps up. Add to that the depth of Dimitrijevic and more were in for a good season if it keeps up.


You get the sense that most of this seasons goals are going to come from the marquee duo of Holosko and Bobo. Holosko we know is capable of quality from last season, however Bobo is making his mark early whilst still settling in. He just gets in the right position as well as combining well by dropping into the midfield to help out. Again, Arnold has recruited well in this area of the field, the sky blues find themselves with plenty of options in the front third with Brosque, Ibini, Carney and Simon (ugh) added to the mix.

So without getting too far ahead of ourselves, this season promises so much. Onwards to Mariners next week. This city is well and truly ours.

*Image courtesy of Sydney Fc