Sense of Entitlement

A pungent sense of entitlement spreads throughout this current Melbourne City squad, making them a very easy and soft target for supporters of the other nine clubs.  Whilst not adverse to such an attitude, the club needs to take it wind it back a notch and take stock of the current situation.  All I’m saying is if we were the one’s six points clear after ten games the current attitude would be more acceptable.

When you lose to Perth and Brisbane, and thrown away two points to both Sydney teams questions need to be raised why this team is swanning around like its ten foot tall and bulletproof when in reality we are locked in a congested battle for a top two position with four very good clubs.

City fans will be the first to admit we have received a very good rub of the green so far with the officials and last night’s ‘soft’ penalty gifting Sydney a lifeline back into the game was probably footballs cruel and quirky version of karma coming back to bite us.  The actions of Jakobsen were foolish and reckless, and whilst he has been an excellent player this season he needs to take responsibility for this error in judgement.

Most clubs in the league would be happy to find themselves in the advantageous position of a man and goal up, but not John Van’t Schip’s City.  We all know he very rarely changes his thinking during any given game and last night was no different.  Full credit to Sydney for taking advantage of City refusing to kill the game off but as City is concerned a draw from this position is not unexpected.  JVS needs to become more adaptable when he has the opportunity to stamp his authority on the game, instead of sitting on his hands and watching a possession game of football.  It’s not even frustrating any more seeing us drop easy points, we’ve been doing it for far too long now and I think I have naturally adjusted to becoming mildly disappointed at the end of a City game when we find ourselves in a position of advantage.

If John Van Schip’s team continues to throw away points from winning positions we will also be throwing away any chance of hosting a Grand Final, and most likely an opportunity of winning the A-League; given our deplorable away record.

The gloss from the stunning goal from Fernando Brandan was most likely lost by his insistence on rolling around on the ground at every opportunity, contact or no contact.  Theatrics might work throughout the world but the Australian audience is a very unforgiving one when it comes to this type of behaviour. 

The debut of Ruon Tongyik was pleasing and he looked comfortable at A-League level, but it would’ve been an entirely different conversation if Brosque slotted the winner after slipping past him in the final stages of the game.  Tongyik is not undeserving of his opportunity at this level and it will be great to track his development.

Tim Cahill has made his last two appearances in a City shirt as an eighty-fourth minute sub.  Clearly still hampered by the injury he picked up on the historic FFA Cup night you can’t help but think he is in need of some rest, but given we have a packed Christmas/New Year schedule coming up and Cahill’s want to play his role in any possible way this might be a while off. 

With the Melbourne Derby this week (The real one at AAMI Park) and Perth and Central Coast waiting in the wings it’s an important period for the club if they are to compete for the Premiers Plate.  A convincing win over Melbourne Victory will lessen the blow of two lost points in Sydney but we will only feel the impact of this in April when the season concludes.

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