RED ALL OVER | Champs to Chumps

If Adelaide United last season was a fairytale story, this season is certainly a nightmare with no happy ending in sight. The first eleven pages has been a scary tale of disinterested men and unrecognizable characters.  Phonies dressed in RED and a far cry from the merry men that held the championship crown aloft under King Amor.

After eleven games United has just won victory to its name, seven defeats and three dull draws a measly six points from a possible thirty three on offer. Some twenty one points from top of the pops Sydney FC. REDS fans there will be no minor premiership this season, there may not even be finals. The top six even looks like a bridge to far as we are still some six points from that. Rooted like a anchor to the bottom of the table.

The Champions are now the chumps of the league, the easy beats as everyone gets three points when you play the not so mighty REDS.

How will they turn it around? Will they turn it around? One can’t see it happening, a team slow with strikers that don’t score and midfielders that doesn’t run, where is the Box to Box players we had last campaign. A defense that is leaky and disjointed with the concentration span of a local Sunday pub team. How many last minute winners do the REDS want to give up this year?  Answer three already! The game goes till the final whistle lads, not when you are too tired to run no more, or drift off to the land of chocolate.

Too say Adelaide United is disappointing this season would be kind and too say they have not capitalized on building on its success from last season is only stating the obvious. But seriously what a waste and spit in the face to the efforts from last season.  A club losing it’s pride in the shirt almost overnight. Disgrace.

So as we look into the last 16 rounds and see a dark gloomy lonely road ahead, we can only hope someone shines a major torch on the joint and makes this side realise that going from Champions to Losers is a pathetic waste of time for everyone. Wake up UNITED the fire alarm is ringing!