RED ALL OVER | Band of Strangers

With a nic nac paddy whack give a dog a bone, Melbourne Victory take all three points home!!

What has happened to the mighty REDS? Another game and another loss as the Champions have fallen again at home in front of their loyal RED army.

A band of brothers was the cry last year, this season it is a band of strangers. A team who lack cohesion, spirit in the shirt and the selfless running for team mates that was the key to last seasons success.  This team is not a band of brothers; it is a band of neighbours with high fences that wouldn’t lend you a cup of sugar. No family love here!

So why did UNITED lose? Well after a frantic and somewhat pleasing start for the RED’s, we found ourselves one nil down from a fine South Australian James Troisi on twenty two minutes, a classy finish in the top left hand corner from twenty yards, giving Galekovic no chance. Was probably a foul on Elrich leading to the goal but that is the way the cookie crumbles when you are bottom of the table, luck does not fall your way.

The second half again saw UNITED with more possession but still a team under AMOR that lacks any killer instinct as chance after chance goes begging. If Adelaide United came home for a Sunday roast they wouldn’t finish it!! Just one goal in their last five games and that was an own goal, how can you defend a title on those statistics?

This match of course got worse for the boys in RED when on sixty eight minutes Berisha headed home from five yards after a free kick to Victory just outside the box. Poor defending to give the all time leading goal scorer in the history of the A league an inch let alone a full yard.  Pick up players in the Box UNITED!

To say Amor has big problems at the REDs is a understatement, the team can not score and the team can’t defend this is not a great combination for a football side.  It has taken just seven months for the REDS to fall from grace and tonight losing to our bitter rivals gives all REDS supporters a terrible taste in one’s mouth. Things need to change as the fine RED wine from last season is only getting tipped down the sink this year!