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When City Football Group took over Melbourne Heart it was stated at the time the club wouldn’t become a mini Manchester City.  Almost three years to the day of the takeover you begin to understand those words were simply just that, words.

You look at different facets of our football club and you begin to realise how quickly City Football Group were able to transform Melbourne Heart from a football club (a struggling one at that) attempting to establish community links, and build a small but loyal supporter base into another franchise on the other side of the world. 

Let’s not kid ourselves into believing Melbourne Heart would be going along nicely without the City Football Group.  Without them there would be no decent training facility, no women’s team, no FFA Cup, no Bruno Fornaroli, and no Timmy Cahill. 

City Football Group rescued my football club and I am grateful for that, but when you look at the current state of affairs you could also argue City Football Group killed off my club and build one of their franchises straight over the burning embers of Melbourne Heart.

City Football Group have invested millions into this club (Franchise) both on and off the field and have every right to say how they want to be run but at this very moment there is a very strong disconnection with fans of the club and the club itself. 

Most have stuck around given that financial investment normally brings with it success on the pitch, and we’ve received this in the form of the 2016 FFA Cup.  Apart from that and Tim Cahill’s debut goal for the club this season has been a train wreck.  Yes, I’m aware we are sitting third and I’m probably giving off pretentious vibes for thinking this but its how the club has gone about this season that irks me.

Our playing style doesn’t suit the playing squad but because it’s the way the owners want us to play we continue to play a possession type style of football that is not only mind numbingly boring but frankly I don’t think our squad is capable of playing that way for extended periods.  Our inability to kill a game off is reminiscent of every James Bond film ever made where the villain has the perfect opportunity to kill off 007 in the first half of the film but refuses to do so because of ego (and punters won’t pay $22.50 for a 30 minute movie). 

This is the last time I mention the keeping situation I promise, but seeing such a talent at Thomas Sorensen wasted on the bench every week because his distribution isn’t as good as our number two keeper is an absolute disgrace.  Dean Bouzanis is a very good keeper and I’m happy he will continue his career at the club for the next few seasons but he’s not as good as Sorensen.  As a member I’m embarrassed by our treatment of Sorensen. 

It’s not out of the question Central Coast will come down to AAMI Park tomorrow night and take a point or three back with them.  Our style of football is as predictable as it is boring and all Paul Okon needs to do is defend well and play us on the counter (like every other team).

Finally if you are determined to play Wonderwall at the end of every home win you may as well make the players walk out in Manchester City shirts.  Whilst I agree it’s a great song, it’s not our song and never will be. 

If you want people to support this club, start putting local putting the Melbourne back in Melbourne City FC.

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  • Michael

    David you’re saying what so many City supporters are feeling. I won’t be confident of a win, even if we are up 3-0 against CCM with 10 minutes to go as we almost always concede at least 1 goal in the last 10 minutes of nearly every game. If any team is an example of pointless sterile possession it’s Melbourne City at the moment