RED ALL OVER | Grow Up Adelaide United

Don’t get me started….but Adelaide United this season has got we worried concerned and scratching my head. A club that is the current A league Champions have disappointed not only on the field but off the field too. Have we ever seen a more rapid fall in grace from the champions as the scenes in May 2016 seem like a footballing life time away when in reality it was only 8 months ago.

So what has the club done off the field since playing in front of fifty thousand at Adelaide Oval last season? I will answer that…NOTHING!!! They have sat on their laurels and shown no vision.  A club that caps its memberships to ten thousand five hundred and is dictated by the small tiny stadium that can only host sixteen thousand people. Where was the membership drive in the off season and where was the push to play more games at the Adelaide oval this campaign? If you aim to me mediocre Adelaide United you end up failing however if you aim for the stars you may just touch the clouds, someone put that up in the boardroom at the REDs.

Just a few years ago now Adelaide played Melbourne Victory in front of thirty four thousand people at the Adelaide oval in a early round clash, why did alarm bells not go off then and the brains trust at UNITED realise that this is a fixture that has the potential to be huge and plans made to always play the biggest rivalry in the A league at the fifty thousand seater stadium. Again dare to dream guys!

Look what the other states are doing with their key fixtures. The last two Sydney Derbies has attracted over One Hundred thousand people, including sixty two thousand at Stadium Australia. The Melbourne derbies average over forty thousand every time they play at Etihad and games between Melbourne and Sydney called the BIG BLUE, yes that would be marketing Adelaide United, get over thirty thousand people on Australia Day each season.  Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar have even revamped their clashes and called them state of origin games as the ROAR players come out in the Maroon of Queensland all attempts to grow the game and raise the profile of Key fixtures at bigger venues.

With the free to air deal kicking in next season and live games to be shown on a major network on Saturday nights in 2017. The A-League will no doubt showcase its premier fixtures and biggest games! My question to Adelaide United is do you want to see fifteen thousand at Hindmarsh stadium for a Melbourne Victory game or forty thousand at the Adelaide Oval?

Do you want to be part of the movement across the border or do you want to be left behind?

I’m sick of the negativity some people throw at Adelaide Oval for football games, no one complained when fifty thousand rocked it to the core and created the greatest ever Atmosphere at the venue since the renovations last May. Your eyes will be fine, the oxygen is the same and you are not a million miles away from the action. Get over your small minded moaning.

Adelaide United it’s time to grow up, it’s time to show vision and grow your brand. It’s time to market your key fixtures each season and it’s time to embrace Adelaide Oval. Step up United and keep pace with the big boys out east otherwise we will be as Aurelio Vidmar said a pissant town!

  • Deirdre Cooper Mooney

    So you want us to pay for SACA Damien? You realise we dont’ benefit financially from games played at Adelaide Oval plus you need a set of binoculars to watch it because the low seating was aligned to watch cricket!