Red All Over | Red Faced

I woke up from a terrible dream Adelaide United were losing three nil to Perth Glory at Hindmarsh and it was only half time. Wait a minute this was no dream or nightmare but a terrible reality for REDS fans across South Australia.

Perth Glory haven’t beaten Adelaide in five years in the city of churches or some 1,807 days but boy did that change on Friday night as the REDS got absolutely hammered, humiliated and spanked so hard it hurt. Our Embarrassed team the face of their RED shirts, our angry supporters the face of their REDS shirts. If you want to know the final score I will try and type it without being physically ill, FIVE zip, yes that’s right PERTH GLORY beat us five nil at home. The wheels have fallen off and the car has blown up, Amor and his Adelaide United team are nothing but pretenders, Hockey players here to play Golf as Happy Glmour would say.

So how did it all unfold? Well really bloody badly is the short answer but the longer answer is to go through Perths five goals, starting with a cracking own goal by La Rocca on seventeen minutes a great header to be fair just too bad we were going in the other direction but I’m sure this can be ironed out at training. We kick that way, you kick the other way…easy fix im sure. Then on thirty two minutes Castro made it two zip for the Glory with a neat turn and finish if this man isnt the best player in the A league then who is ?

On forty two minutes Keough made it three nil and on forty five minutes it was half time.

Suck on some oranges Adelaide United you deserve them! In the secound half the REDS put up a great defensive wall for the first 30seconds, very impressive, however on thirty one seconds into the second half Adam Taggart made it four nill for the away side and Kenny Lowes men were in dream world whilst the REDs were in a living hell.  On eighty seven minutes Castro got his second for the night and Perths fifth giving Adelaide United their worst ever home defeat, well played LADS!

The one positive on the night was Riley Mcgree and probably the only reason I say through that ninety minutes of rubbish. Riley was aggressive, skillful and adventurous in the front third a 18 year old leader amongst his very ordinary team mates. This Kid has a bright future, so I’m Sure the Adelaide United board will allow him to move clubs next season.

Well the ship has sunk and it has sunk everywhere at the REDs, players, coaches the board too many holes to fill maybe a big broom is needed to take out the trash, either way this season and that performance was not acceptable, but it falls on deaf ears at Adelaide United as they are a insulated ship not in touch with the crashing waves outside.