It’s better to die on your knees than live on your feet

Midnight Oil is on the comeback trail after decades in the music wilderness, but is football in Australia is headed back to the wilderness on the back of a successful dozen years of the A-League domestic competition and three successive World Cup campaigns.

We cannot afford domestic football failure in Australia like we suffered with the NSL but we cannot sit idle and watch those who currently the game sit back and continue to see our game be overtaken in the sporting landscape. 

We must be brave enough to make decisions with conviction and see our game grow over the next decade, not simply tread water like its current state.  Our current domestic system needs some urgent tinkering and I’m not convinced the current board are brave enough to make vital decisions.

Football administrators have every right for fear and trepidation as we continue forward but not making decisions can be equally harmful as taking risks. 

Our current ten team system has now past it’s used by date and we are in urgent need of injecting new blood into our domestic completion.  It’s not like we don’t have some great suitors out there, but we have been burnt in the past and now too scared to take the needed leap forward.  The recent announcement that there will be no expansion until 2018/19 is disappointing, but not unexpected.  New teams needs time to find their feet in a fledgling completion but the FFA would’ve been far better to come out and name the number of teams to enter the competition in eighteen months time, not leave fans of the game wanting for details.

When David Gallop tells the football public expansion plans have been delayed with no real information backing claims and pointing to independent studies leading to clubs losing money hand over fist it gives you absolutely no confidence in those running the game.

The current board has no appeal to ‘Joe Public’ or grasp of reality.  If I was a business I would be hiding my chequebook if anyone from the FFA came knocking for sponsorship dollars.  The current board is running football into the ground by sitting on their hands and still riding on the wave of the golden generation.

We need to find the power and the passion if we are to get our great game back onto the right track.

It’s time for David Gallop to shit or get off the pot, stop announcing farfetched plans and return the game back to people who live and breathe football.   

A glammed up friendly between Argentina and Brazil won’t provide a big enough distraction for people to forget about the current state of the A-League.

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