FFA Cup Grab

Adelaide United moves its round 16 FFA CUP clash versus Melbourne Victory to Marden Sports complex in a decision where the bean counters beat the loyal fan.

So why is this game against our biggest rival not played at our home ground Hindmarsh Stadium?  The answer is simple and no it’s not the spin from Adelaide United that it is an attempt to connect with grass roots football, the answer is the rental cost to host the game at either Venue.  The finances are the decision behind the move.  Hindmarsh hosting the game approximate cost to the REDS $75K, Marden sports complex $10K.

I guess money talks and home ground advantage at the spiritual home of South Australian football walks. But here is a thought Adelaide United instead of living in a bubble that believes this game can not attract 15k at our home game to make it profitable for the club, why not believe in the game, its fans and spend some money on promoting or marketing your product. You can’t live in a bubble of self defeat and give up on the fans, the 5000 loyal supporters and counting that have already renewed their memberships this season.  I get the economics and I’m sure most people understand saving $65k is a good thing but the real question should be why does this club not believe it can fill its home ground in any major competition all year round?

I have always been a advocate for UNITED playing more games at Adelaide Oval and growing its brand much to the criticism of a large amount of REDS fans but my feelings have always been Adelaide United should never be dictated by the size of a 16k seater stadium and in turn capping memberships to 10.5k every season. Now the small thinking has got even smaller when the club doesn’t even believe it can fill its small stadium against its rivals in a FFA CUP game. I guess if Marden doesn’t work out or becomes too big, my backyard with 4 deckchairs could host games.

The club I believe is sending the wrong message here, putting the dollar over the fans, I just hope the $65k saved goes back to the REDS fans this season!