Melbourne is Red, White and ‘City’ Blue…

The premise behind “Blue Friday” is a fantastic idea, but like an Osama Malik clearance this has once again missed the mark with the small but loyal group of Melbourne City fans.

City Football Group (CFG) has finally been granted permission by the A-League to wear ‘City Blue’ this season and wasted no time in turning the City kits into a micro version of the Manchester City strip. Not sure where City Blue sits on the Dulux colour chart but for CFG the colour is their trademark, much like red is to Coca-Cola.

With Melbourne now able to conform to this colour scheme the club wasted no time in sending out emails to members asking them to “Make AAMI Park City Blue this Friday”, being the first home game of the 2017/18 season.

Ordinarily I would have no problem with the club wanting to promote a united front from supporters; especially given our membership numbers are looking a little light on at this stage but I cannot swallow the whole ‘City Blue’ carry on.

I acknowledge CFG has been a positive for our fledgling club and the possibility of extinction a likely one if CFG hadn’t performed their knight in shining armour takeover of Melbourne Heart and I also am fully aware of the improved training facilities CFG now provide our Men’s, Women’s and Youth squads and this can only benefit football in Australia but I won’t succumb to wearing strictly City Blue, especially at the first real opportunity.

For organisations such as CFG owning football clubs is much like hunting back in the 20th century and now football trophies have replaced the heads of animals that line the hallways of their obscene mansions.  Wages for top quality players has now fast become salacious in the pursuit of the best football trophies in the world, before Manchester City became a club with deep pockets they were perennial strugglers at Premier League level.  Since CFG completed their takeover of Manchester City the ‘City Blue’ colour has represented the colour of money and the ugly side of modern football.

We cannot deny the impact of the CFG ownership has significantly changed our football club and how we are currently placed, but we cannot ignore personal feeling. For me CFG own my football club, but I have no interest in following any of the clubs they have a financial interest in, in fact if I’m honest I worry for any club CFG show an interest in the future.

There will be plenty of supporters showing the “Red and White” colours on Friday night and this might not be a defiant stand, this is all personal choice because at the end of the day Melbourne City is Red, White and Blue; even if the owners want to push a different agenda.

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  • Eric Cantona

    What CFG seem to forget with their insistence on City Blue is that they are missing a great opportunity to create a local identity for Melbourne City. Red white and blue are unique colours in the A league and look good together. Corporations such as CFG miss these subtle points so it is up to the supporters to keep the red flag flying, along with the blue and the white!

  • Michael

    The City of Melbourne crest is actually RED, white and orange. The name of the franchise is Melbourne CITY

  • Andrew

    Personal opinion, I like the City Blue and am quite happy to get around it.