Getting Enough Playing TIMe

Tim Cahill has an uncanny knack of levitating near goal and somehow getting part of his head to the ball and directing it near goal.  His effort last night, even though it didn’t result in a goal epitomises the man and his talents.  Cahill had no right to even get near that ball, let alone hit the crossbar with an audacious header.  When Cahill puts on that Socceroos shirt he really does become a superhero to a nation.

Sometimes though Superheroes has flaws, and Cahill’s constant want to be the centre of attention is his greatest downfall.  Why are we discussing his future at Melbourne City the morning after a nation wakes facing a fourth consecutive World Cup, why? Because that’s the Cahill Effect.

There is no doubt the ageing superstar needs minutes on the pitch and Km’s in the legs if he is to make a fourth appearance at the World Cup in Russia next June but he also needs to learn to analyse the situation at hand and just once bask in some glory regarding the qualification stage.  There is no doubt we wouldn’t have booked our tickets for Russia if it wasn’t for Cahill; his two goals against Syria was the defibrillator that kept our hopes alive.  We also wouldn’t be visiting Moscow if it wasn’t for Jedinak, Ryan, Sainsbury, Mooy etc.  The extended Socceroos campaign needed players to step up at various opportunities and more often than not it was Cahill but he has to remember it’s not all about Timmy.

Melbourne City has been more than accommodating to Tim and his World Cup dream, and so they should but it’s not the clubs fault his playing time has been limited this season.  The FFA insists on playing during FIFA international breaks and this has severely hampered Cahill’s ability to not only be available for City but to train with teammates, many new this season.  Game time will increase for Cahill over the next few months and to be perfectly honest the A-League schedule benefits his thirty-eight year old body more than a stint back at his former club Millwall or any gruelling European schedule. 

If Cahill doesn’t believe Melbourne City is a good fit for him he should sit down over the next few weeks and make the best decision for himself and his World Cup dream but we shouldn’t be talking about this the morning after the Socceroos successful campaign.  Once again Brand Cahill finds himself being the story, when the team should be.  There might not be any malice in his comments but when Tim Cahill speaks the Australian media listen and they are akin to an AAMI Park seagull swarming over a chip. 

Cahill has a future at Melbourne City and he will be given every opportunity to play when he is available but he also must remember he is coming to the twilight of his career and over the last season and a bit running out ninety minutes on a weekly basis seems past our champion and frankly unnecessary.  Cahill has a major role to play for the Socceroos but in eight months time might only be limited to a super sub role.

Cahill is a great and must be treated accordingly, but he also needs to see the forest through the trees and understand staying at Melbourne City this season would be the best move for all parties involved.  Where else would the superstar get access to the best facilities in Australia, whilst playing in a competition that won’t batter his body from pillar to post. 


Image: Daily Telegraph

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