No Return of the (McCor) Mack

Ross McCormack will not be making a return to Melbourne City any time in the near future, and like his frequent flyer points, those points accumulated by City this season will be of little value without the dead ball specialist.

Whilst McCormack took some time to adjust to his new life in the A-League career he found his feet (and the back of the net) very quickly.  Buoyed by his initial appointment I must admit I was sceptical when I observed an out of shape bloke who was more than handy in the Championship and worth more money than most fans will see in a lifetime.  McCormack quickly won me, and most over by some of his heroics this season.

Noises out of Aston Villa appear they were keen to see McCormack continue to flourish down under as he tore apart defences and City fans were salivating at the prospect of McCormack lining up next to Bruno Fornaroli in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately this won’t come to fruition and instead McCormack has been given fourteen days of (one or every City goal) leave from his parent club to readjust to the rigorous of a possible return to the Championship.

As fate would have it McCormack could potentially find himself up against form City teammate Tim Cahill who stepped away from the game to find himself a suitor in the form of former club Millwall.  Extra game time is on the menu for Cahill in a bid to increase his World Cup selection chances under new Soccerroos coach Bert van Marwijk.

Upon his departure McComack had scored half the goals this season for City, the highest percentage in the league by any player in the league.  This only begins to explain his importance to the team and City’s title chances.

A player of his stature should be kept by any means necessary and I can only hope City Football Group did everything possible to keep the talented Scot.  Whilst I understand the A-League salary caps rules appear confusing and condluded my expectations of CFG are akin to Monty Burns and his legal team.

If City come out today and explain league rules did not allow McCormack to return this season I will accept the decision and move on with the season but if the club remains silent or appear coy to any business decisions pertaining to the deal I like many will remain sceptical and maintain my thoughts that Melbourne City is the adopted ginger step child of CFG.


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