From The Stands, a football blog started by fans, for fans is exactly what Australian football needs at the moment. Somewhere fans can go to read unique and objective football articles and headlines whilst other media outlets continue their outrageous, vexatious and scrutinizing allegations towards the sport and its passionate, dedicated fans. What From The Stands envisages to provide, is a view on football – encompassing all sectors, the game, the atmosphere and most importantly, the fans. As the title suggests, From The Stands provides articles, opinions, previews and reviews by the people who matter and love the game the most, the fans.

What we hope to achieve with our site is a footballing news outlet, which instead of attacking the fans, praises and appreciates them.The introduction of another Sydney based team, the Western Sydney Wanderers proved to be a fantastic move for the A-League. Their supporters, the Red and Black Block added a whole new dimension to the league and despite all their controversial appearances in the local newspapers their true passion was recognized ‘from the stands’. The fans writing our articles also experience the passion and adrenaline, which in turn leads to more enjoyable reading material.

From The Stands doesn’t write strictly A-League based material, but all things Australian (and Kiwi) football. We extensively cover the Socceroos including match previews, reviews and features based on their current form. We also cover any scandals and controversial activity in the State-Leagues across the country. Our extensive A-League coverage is very widespread and we aim to preview and review each game, and each round as well as providing opinions on teams, players, tactics and managers throughout the week.

From The Stands was created so that us, the fans, could share our passionate views on our game, the world game. Although you may not agree with all of our diverse opinions, we hope you appreciate our love of the game.

This site was created by David Hards to give ALL fans ‘From the Stands’ the opportunity to express their opinions on our great game.

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THE LOGO – The logo was designed by team member Michael Boettcher (@CaptainFantasy).  Michael is a passionate Melbourne Heart fan and talented designer (obviously).