Hards Word

  • Melbourne Derby – A month too soon

    Five years ago the A-League made a conscious decision to push the starting date of the season back to October to accommodate avoiding the NRL and AFL finals.  A smart [...]

    Disclaimer – One shouldn’t read a passion provoking novel such as ‘That Night’ before attending a Socceroos World Cup Qualifier, expectations become far too great and [...]
  • Nil Love For Nix

    Like clockwork discussions over the prolonged A-League offseason take place, some topics more predictable than others and some evoking more passion.  Whilst the [...]
  • Let The Games Begin

    Not even the most avid sports fan could claim a case of Olympic fever just yet; mainly because of the recent Russian drug scandal, plus it’s hard to catch anything when [...]
  • Ideas – What’s The Point

    With another A-League season done and dusted we can reflect up another 12 months of Australian football and also look ahead and pretend our thoughts actually matter. Many [...]

Finals – Week One

April 15, 2016 // 0 Comments

After 27 rounds of scintillating action the finals commence.  Whether you are a fan of the finals concept shouldn’t [...]
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