CITY VIEWS | Is this the new Melbourne City shirt?

On January 23rd 2014 the City Football Group (CFG) acquired the charred remains of Melbourne Heart and from this day forward the club has become a franchise of the richest football ownership in the world. 

As supporters and members we have to finally cut ties with any ‘Melbourne Heart’ involvement and treat this as a mere footnote of our club history.  Going forward we will see occasional references to ‘Heart’ but personally I think it was a mistake of the City administration to even consider ‘Heart’ as part of this football club once the 2013/14 season finished.

Keeping the red and white links has only complicated issues and pulled at the heartstrings (pun intended) of long time supporters and could create issues going forward as the CFG look to stamp their authority on our club.  CFG have bided their time in regards to having a ‘City Blue’ (and now finally have FFA approval) strip and I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘red and white’ were omitted from any future away strips.  This could be the final nail in the coffin for many former ‘Heart’ supporters but let’s not kid ourselves; we knew the deal when CFG were involved in the takeover of our club.

CFG aren’t forcing you to follow Manchester City, New York City FC or even Melbourne City, the decision is entirely yours to make but you need to either embrace the fact that we are every bit of the ‘mini Manchester City’ CFG franchise that we appear to be or end your involvement with the club.

Sadly we will lose many good supporters and probably have already in the last two seasons.

A football club is something people have an emotional attachment to but it does become increasingly harder when that club doesn’t represent or appear to be the same that you started to support.  Whatever decision you make you need to understand CFG will do whatever they want, when they want with or without your involvement. 

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